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Sandra by LenAlox Sandra :iconlenalox:LenAlox 0 0
Awakened Dreamer: Day 7
Day 7-5326-634-Sunrae
Incoming transmission…
What is your name?
The Awa…wa…wakened Dreamer.
What is your task?
I search the darkness….something lurks in the darkness.
Object shows remarkable resilience to the ever changing state of the darkness. Form in an otherwise formless place. I bears no marking, no obvious structure. Retained for further study.
Path set, entering Sunrae sector. Nothing remains. All mater gone.
Target not yet found. Darkness surrounds me. Living darkness, aware of my presence. Something watches me. Yet nothing is here. Possible survivors of the great enveloping darkness?
Discovered small pocket of reality. No signs of life. Natural phenomenon. Marked for possible recapture and study by Wraithfell scientists. Two stars orbiting a white hole. Single small planet. Completely barren from radiation.
Path set…Sunrae system lost. Civilization assumed lost. Task continues.
End transmission.
:iconlenalox:LenAlox 0 0
Lunar Eclipse Quick by LenAlox Lunar Eclipse Quick :iconlenalox:LenAlox 2 0
The Lost: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The Wicked.
"Tell me Acaidian, all those years ago when you were practically king of a planet, did you ever see your self here?"
"King? That is a laugh, and what do you here? Sitting on some cliff side trying not to get soaked, watching Grift gnawing on some hunk of meat? No, I did't I see it coming to this Atilia."
Grift just raises his head and growls a bit at Acaidian.
"Well, do you regret being here?"
"I don't know, sure, I would probably be just as dry as I am now, but I would not have to be under constant watch, or have to watch Grift eat."
"There has to be some thing that you like about your life now?"
"I don't know…"
"Come on Acaidian, Atilia is referring to her self." Grift said taking a breath.
"Thank you Gift, go back to your food. "
Gift just ignores Acaidian as he chows down. Benjamin lightly chuckles to him self as he watches for the signal from the others. Acaidian and Atilia keep talking.
"So, tell me, Acaidian, when are you going to get
:iconlenalox:LenAlox 0 2
Dual Natures
I am Sorrow. That is my name. I travel with a small band of misfits. Our purpose is to go to the places no else will go and do what no one else will do. My goal, my purpose, my destiny is never clear. I see to my left and I see to my right, I can never see the road ahead. However, so long as I travel with this group I am fine with that.
I am a creature of a dual nature. I am Sorrow because I am....sorrow. I am the embodiment of two emotions. I am tangible and I am spiritual. My sisters are like me and they travel the multiverse. Three of us in all. Each of them are like me but they embody different emotions. I have not seen them in such a long time. Though one thing is for certain. One day we will all meet again. We always do.
For now I am glad to be with people that understand me for what I am, and appreciate what I try to do and hope I can achieve.
All that I am, all that I could be, they mean nothing with out perspective. Ahead lies a road of which I am not sure. A mission, the hard
:iconlenalox:LenAlox 1 1
Night by LenAlox Night :iconlenalox:LenAlox 0 0 Steam Engine 844 by LenAlox Steam Engine 844 :iconlenalox:LenAlox 2 2
I am Archangel
In my travels I come to see that everything around me has a purpose.
I see pasterns where are none.
I see ripples in time.
Each choice plays out before my very eyes.
I see each and everything that could be and much that can't.
Around me the universe flows and with every movement I go.
Who am I? I am Archangel.
I am neither here nor there, but I am found everywhere.
I create my self, I move through time like wind through leaves.
It is not by chance you have found me, but by my will alone.
For in this ever changing sea of infinite probability I see it all.
Each decision, each possible outcome, each time reality diverges.
I am always there.
Who am I? I am Archangel.
To those that know me, I am a blessing.
To those that fear me, I am a curse.
Reality is mine to bend, and bend it I do.
Fate has nothing on me. I am slave to no one.
I move through the waters, I can bring salvation.
However, remember, that I can be the herald of great disaster.
My will is mine alone and I do not have to explai
:iconlenalox:LenAlox 1 4
Ministry of Silly Walks by LenAlox Ministry of Silly Walks :iconlenalox:LenAlox 0 0 Dreams of a Mechanical mind by LenAlox Dreams of a Mechanical mind :iconlenalox:LenAlox 1 0 Random Too Much Homework by LenAlox Random Too Much Homework :iconlenalox:LenAlox 0 2 Picture 5000 by LenAlox Picture 5000 :iconlenalox:LenAlox 0 0 Door Cats by LenAlox Door Cats :iconlenalox:LenAlox 1 0 Night Time in Desky Ville by LenAlox Night Time in Desky Ville :iconlenalox:LenAlox 0 2 Kitty Eye 13 by LenAlox Kitty Eye 13 :iconlenalox:LenAlox 1 0 Kitty Eye 12 by LenAlox Kitty Eye 12 :iconlenalox:LenAlox 1 0

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